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Revolutionizing and Redefining Management of Concussions


Football Konkussion Information Package

Our Mission:

To be the leader in concussion management by utilizing a research-based foundation to provide baseline testing, post-concussion assessment and treatment, and returning individuals to work, learn, and play in a safe and effective manner. 

What you can expect from our office:

  • Individuals receive critical baseline testing that will provide easy access for comparison should concussion occur.
  • Our concussion program is accessible any time of the day or night by contacting our toll-free 24/7 Help Line 
  • What makes our program unique is a personalized concussion treatment program that we provide, in addition to baseline testing and assessment.
  • Concussion treatment begins immediately after calling our Help Line.
  • Quick turnaround for assessment at our office - next business day.
  • Individuals receive a personalized return to work, learn, and play plan that will reduce the risk of further concussion.
  • Our concussion program is research-based and has been designed and developed by prominent concussion specialists including neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists.
  • We are the first Konkussion providers in Saskatchewan and are affiliated with a growing network of professionals and specialists across the country.
  • We have first hand experience with concussions and provide the additional expertise of spinal adjustments to our treatment plan as required.

Who do we treat?

  • Athletes involved in contact sports
  • Any athlete who has sustained a concussion
  • General Public
    • Workers with concussions
    • Motor vehicle accident patients with concussions
    • General public who have concussions from various injuries